About Lending Express: Transforming Small Business Funding

About Lending Express: Transforming Small Business Funding

About Lending Express

Even if you’ve met us before and you think you know all there is to know about Lending Express, the company we are today may be quite different from the Lending Express you’re already acquainted with.

So whether you’re a new or old partner or customer, or even just visiting, we’d like to formally introduce you to the new Lending Express.

Hi (virtual handshake), we’re Lending Express, the world’s first AI-powered technology company providing access to tailored business funding. Born in 2016, we started out as a business lending marketplace in the US and Australia, but have invested in product and technological development, are growing consistently and are constantly revolutionizing our offerings.

We at Lending Express are dedicated to transforming the business lending market. Bold mission we know, but true.

This is how we will achieve our mission – we use advanced algorithms and AI to unlock better funding opportunities for SMBs and allow access to funding for those millions of businesses that were previously overlooked. In doing so, Lending Express is introducing an entirely new and large market segment to lenders.

Is Lending Express a Lender?

As this a question we get asked many times, we decided to tackle this head-on. No, we are not a lender. We are a completely independent technology company that partners with lenders to provide SMBs with quick and easy access to their optimal funding solution. It is because we are independent that we are able to service the millions of SMBs who find it challenging to get business funding.

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Lending Express requirements
Which loan products are offered?

Company Snapshot

At Lending Express, we are driven by numbers and results:

  • Over 100,000 registered members
  • 9.7/10 customer satisfaction
  • Over $90 million funded
  • 35+ business partners

What Makes Lending Express Unique?

Unlike other players in the market, Lending Express is not just a business lending marketplace matching borrowers to lenders. Nor are we just a business credit profiler. We do both, and more. We believe that businesses are unique so funding should be too.

Lending Express profiles each SMB on a multi-dimensional level and calculates its unique LendingScore™, which is more comprehensive than the traditional binary credit score, and unlocks far more funding opportunities. Each SMB can access all their profiling information through their intuitive LendingScore™ dashboard. Qualified SMBs get matched with the optimal funding solution and ineligible businesses are given a step-by-step tailored plan to reach funding success.

In doing so, Lending Express unlocks funding opportunities for millions that were deemed ‘unfundable’, helping businesses get the financing they deserve. Over half of SMBs, 58% to be precise, are unfairly denied access to funding and Lending Express is out to change that.

How to Apply for Funding Through Lending Express

If you own or manage a small-to-medium business, this is how you can apply through Lending Express.

  • SMB completes an easy online application
  • Automated application review gives higher approval odds
  • LendingScore™ business profiling through a tailored dashboard
  • SMBS with sufficient LendingScore™ get matched to optimal lenders
  • Select the best offer
  • Continuous improvement to optimize solution
  • SMBs with insufficient LendingScore™ receive a step-by-step plan to improve

Our Partners

Lending Express is very selective when it comes to our partners. There are many, many online lenders out there – we hand-pick only the top lenders with the best reputations that are committed to responsible lending. We have the same selection standards when it comes to our other partner solutions, such as credit cards and business services.

Our Founders

Lending Express was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs who have a track record of successfully launching, operating and exiting several profitable businesses together.

Our Team

Our team is made up of talented software engineers, product designers, marketing and business experts and motivated customer service managers, who are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.


Can Lending Express Help Startups?

Yes, Lending Express partners with lenders that can help startups.

Lending Express requirements

Lending Express Requirements

The Lending Express minimum requirements for getting a loan vary based on whether you are in the US or Australia. Specific requirements depend on the lender and the offer for which you qualify.

Which Loan Products are Offered?

Unsecured Business Loans
Line of Credit
Invoice Factoring
Merchant Cash Advance
SBA Loans
Equipment & Vehicle Finance
Startup Loans
Asset-Based Loan

Lending Express Technology

Automated Application Review

Each application is automatically reviewed and cross-validated to ensure 100% accuracy, resulting in higher approval odds.

Transparent LendingScore™ Dashboard

Each business is deeply analyzed by our proprietary AI and given a tailored funding profile, showing strengths, areas for improvement and a step-by-step tailored path to improvement. This is all presented through a simple scoring system and a custom, private dashboard.

LendingScore™ is the new FICO for small business lending.

MatchScore™ – Matching SMBs with Lenders

Advanced algorithms achieve the optimal lender-to-SMB match based on the analysis of multiple parameters and the waterfall mechanism automatically re-assigns lenders until the SMB selects its match.

Partner Performance Program

Partners gain access to their intuitive, tailored performance dashboard, which shows results based on mutually agreed goals and targets.

Lending Express Services

Lending Express has a team of Account Managers that are available to assist customers throughout the application process. The team also provides nurturing for non-qualified applicants with their step-by-step improvement plan, to achieve funding success. Our Account Managers are available via phone or email.

US Contact Details:

Phone: 838-800-0664
Email: support@lending-express.com

Australia Contact Details:

Phone: 02-831-80722
Email: info@lending-express.com

What if I Have a Bad Credit Score?

Some of our partners will not judge you based on a low credit score, as they base their decision on the overall health of your business.

What is the Interest Rate?

At Lending Express, we have over 35 lending partners, each with their own loan terms and products. Most of our lenders don’t use a set interest rate for their loans but provide a tailored set loan fee based on the health of the SMB and other relevant criteria.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply Through Lending Express?

Lending Express is a free service for SMBs and there is no cost to apply for loan offers and use the LendingScore™ dashboard.

Lending Express Reviews

Lending Express reviews on TrustPilot are positive with the company having an overall customer rating of 9.7 out of 10.

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