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252 reviews
Luis Garma
06 February 2018
Very transparent process It was a quick and simple process, very easy and transparent.
Frank Williams
05 February 2018
Everything was pretty cool I was connected to a lender, and everything was done with the click of a button.
Jair Luis
01 February 2018
Worked out great! The process was good. I was funded within 6 days of applying through Lending Express. Their guys are great, and I would for sure consider Lending Express for repeated business.
Dan McGuoirk
31 January 2018
Overall an easy process Overall an easy process, would have wanted it to be a bit faster...
Miguel Barron
30 January 2018
From start to finish took less than 2 days to get funded! Everything went really fast and smooth! From start to finish took less than 2 days to get funded!
Gary L Spears
29 January 2018
Got exactly what I needed Very easy process, simple, and got what I needed. Funded within 5 days of registering on Lending Express.
Juan Perez
29 January 2018
Thank you Lending Express! It was a fast and easy service! Everything is working out really well! Thank you Lending Express!
Pablo Smidt
29 January 2018
It was fine! Everything was pretty cool, fast and smooth.
Christopher Hettich
29 January 2018
Happy I went with Lending Express for my business funding needs! Overall I found the process to be quite simple and painless. I had been looking at other similar services and they were all a lot more complicated. Happy I went with Lending Express for my business funding needs!
Tyler Frazier
29 January 2018
Funded in one week! I found the process quick and simple, as I was funded one week after applying through Lending Express.
Ryan Pulliam
18 January 2018
Swift and smart The process was clear, simple, and quick. Satisfied with the service of my account managers and the consistent follow ups. Should I need a business loan again, I will seriously consider Lending Express for repeated business.
Paul Person
18 January 2018
Thank you so much! It was a great service, quick and easy, with no problems whatsoever.
Gregory Barnes
17 January 2018
Simple and quick Everything was fine, and it was a simple and quick process. Nothing I would change about it.
Benjamin Frommelt
16 January 2018
Overall great experience The communication was great. The people I spoke to were very involved in making sure the process went quickly and smoothly.
Ed Markwardt
15 January 2018
Quick and easy service Simple - Was easy to get funded. Nothing could have been done better.